We would like to take a second and thank all the cook teams that have taken part in a KCBS master series event this year and congratulate you all.

To be eligible for The KCBS World Invitational BBQ Championship, you have to have won a Grand Championship or Reserve Grand Championship and be a current KCBS member (At the time of your entry as well as at the time of this event). If you were not a member at the time you won a GC or RGC, that is ok, as long as you are now a member and keep that current through this event.​


Category Payout

1st- 1000
2nd- 750
3rd - 600
4th - 500
5th- 400
6th- 350
7th - 300
8th - 200
9th - 150
10th - 100

Click on the Sign up above if you are qualified to register to compete (all entries are subject to verification and all final decisions on acceptance will be determined by KCBS representatives)

Championship COOK Team information

Overall Payout

GC - 7500
RGC- 4500
3rd - 2500
4th - 1500
5th- 1000
6th- 750
7th - 500
8th - 350
9th - 200
10th - 100

The event itself will prove to be the "Must Cook" event annually for all serious BBQ teams. We are working to keep adding more "Over the top" reasons to attend this event and entice you to strive to qualify every year.

In 2019 you will see in addition to the BBQ contest, an added a Steak cook off through our National Grilling Society. This is a great outlet to showcase you are more than just BBQ, cooking over flame is a tradition like no other and this will be another chance for you to show your fellow competitors just how great your all around flame cooking talents are.


The (BBQ ONLY) payout is $36,300