Judge and Volunteer Information

We are no longer accepting judging applications. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. Thank you to all those who have submitted! For those who have missed the deadline, we hope to see you next year. The committee will now begin to notifying judges so all those selected can begin to make travel arrangements.

Welcome to the Judge page, we want to thank you all for your dedicated support of KCBS as a whole. This event will prove to be the "must attend" annual contest and we are so excited to be able to bring this to all of KCBS. Judges are not selected on a First come, First served basis. The committee is working hard to organize the greatest event BBQ has ever seen and that includes everyone. The judge seating process will start soon and everyone seated or not seated will be notified. Please keep in mind we unfortunately cannot seat each and every judge that applies for the event but do appreciate the support and encourage you all to consider helping at the event regardless. This event will be a great time for all.